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Open & customized programs

ESMT Berlin is ranked #1 in Germany and #11 globally.

Develop yourself and your organization

Situated in the heart of Berlin, Germany's start-up capital and innovation hub, ESMT Berlin offers excellent educational opportunities for both individual managers and entire companies.

ESMT Berlin's executive education programs and methods focus on your personal development and increasing your company's success. They are designed to equip you with the skills, competencies and new approaches you need to meet current and future challenges.

Thanks to the outstanding quality and impact of its programs, ESMT Berlin came 11th in the worldwide Financial Times Ranking 2022.

Open programs for individuals

Develop your leadership skills, increase your professional competence and gain new positions in general management.

Customized solutions for organizations

We provide your company with effective measures for the transformation of your corporate culture as well as business processes.
ESMT Berlin’s vision for executive education
Dr. Bianca Schmitz


Interview with Dr. Bianca Schmitz, Director Leadership Development Programs

"ESMT Berlin follows the vision “Transformation through learning and development”. From our point of view, leaders and organizations today need to constantly develop themselves in an ever-changing business environment. We team up with our partners to support their leaders in this continuous transformation through learning and development. We strive to understand “What is the job-to-be-done?” and “What is the problem to be solved?” to ensure that a program is not an end but a means to personal growth and sustainable business success."

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Online Learning

New online programs

During the last couple of years, our world has evolved, and so did our programs. We worked hard to expand our portfolio and are delighted to present new online programs running in a fully live format as well as self-paced programs allowing you to learn on your own schedule. Use the time of social distancing to boost your skills and enhance your professional influence.

Online learning for organizations

During the pandemic, we were able to successfully conduct our tailored programs for organizations in an online format. Are you interested to create an online learning journey for your team? Get in touch

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June 14, 2022 | Executive Courses
Gianluca Carnabuci, professor of organizational behavior at ESMT, talks about how leadership is becoming less about authority and more about how to empower others.

"What I learnt from my executive education course"

May 23, 2022 | Financial Times
Justus Bach speaks about why he decided to participate in an executive education program at ESMT and how it has benefited him.

"Financial Times Executive Education 2022: The top 50 schools"

May 23, 2022 | Financial Times
In the Financial Times Executive Education Ranking 2022, ESMT Berlin has been ranked 1st in Germany and 10th globally for custom programs.
ESMT is Germany’s number 1 business school and among the best in the world

We have extensive experience working with global leaders and hidden champions on customized education programs

We combine proven academic methods and concepts with the latest insights from research

We are the leading business school for executives in Germany and among the best in the world

We are thought leaders within academia and business


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