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LISEAD - Life Science Entrepreneurship Academy

LISEAD has put together a team of thought and academic leaders to provide an invaluable learning and development program. 

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An initiative founded by:

3 founders

Scientists hold the key to breakthrough life-science innovations. Translating innovation into benefits for society requires entrepreneurial spirit and expertise. By combining our scientific, entrepreneurial and educational excellence, we as founding partners started the Life Science Entrepreneurship Academy, LISEAD, to bridge that gap and empower more scientists to become successful entrepreneurs.

Quick Facts
Applications now closed
2 weeks
Covered by sponsor for admitted applicants
Start date
You're cordially invited

ESMT President Jörg Rocholl invites you to join a special cohort of future leading "scientrepreneurs".

Let's go deeper

Seasoned entrepreneur and founder of Blue Ribbon Partners, Marco Janezic, breaks down the LISEAD program for you.

Why we need LISEAD in Germany

Prof. Matthias Tschöp, CEO of Helmholtz Munich, portrays the observations in the German Science Innovation ecosystem that calls for the formation of an academy to bring forward scientific “Hybrid-talents” skilled in science, entrepreneurship & management.

What you'll learn

Daniela Sommer, CTO of Helmholtz Munich, describes the unique content of the bootcamp and why we believe that a human-centric design is the key to success for entrepreneurial executive education.

How it works: our unique compilation for scientists

LISEAD is designed for aspiring life science entrepreneurs and prepares you for a different world. For us, success means helping you thrive in your transition from a research-focused scientist to a business-minded, entrepreneurial scientist. Hence, we spared no effort to design an entrepreneurial schedule tailored to scientists and dipped into the expertise of all our founding and supporting partners. The result is a unique combination of three key ingredients reflected in our three pillars of success:

Three pillars of success
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(1) Unlock your potential:

With our tailor-made psychometric assessment before and during the program, we help you to discover your entrepreneurial potential as well as clusters of traits and motivational drivers which promote your development journey: Who is your entrepreneurial "you"? What complementary characters would help you thrive in a team? How can you get comfortable feeling uncomfortable?

Simulation image

(2) Try before you fly:

How can you know if it works without having tried it? Live your first startup experience and experience the irreplaceable value of living through the challenges of a startup leader in our tailor-made company-building simulation.

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(3) Execute with experts:

We have recruited practiced entrepreneurial veterans, business experts and leadership coaches from the life sciences to share their experience with you, guide you and answer all your questions. Combined with the most recent entrepreneurship education approaches, this will enable you to uncover the secrets of successful “scientrepreneurs”.

Your learning journey in a nutshell

Want to join?

The LISEAD admissions team is looking for a diverse group of professionals who are excited to succeed as life science entrepreneurial leaders. Tell us who you are and we will consider each aspect of your application to ensure LISEAD is right for you and you are for LISEAD. Apply by August 21 to secure your spot. 

By the way, we are happy to announce that our sponsor will cover 100% of the 12.600 EUR tuition fee for all admitted participants!

Before starting the program application, ensure you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in a PhD program in the natural sciences
  • Have first entrepreneurial experiences, e.g. university courses 

All applicants will participate in a selection process where we evaluate your entrepreneurial motivation and uncover your entrepreneurial potential.

  • Application requirements

    1. Completed online application form submitted by August 21.
    2. Motivational video (2-3 minutes)
      • Option A: Elaborate on why you wish to join LISEAD. Focus on your long-term goals and how this academy will complete these goals. Elaborate on what personal traits you bring to this program and how your fellow participants could benefit. Discuss the strengths of your academic and professional background, as well as any additional comments that will assist in evaluating your application materials. 
      • Option B: Many leadership specialists speak of how failure is just as important to professional development as is success. Tell us about a setback in your life, your reaction to the setback, and any learning or growth you gained from the experience
    3. Curriculum Vitae
    4. Official transcripts
  • Application timeline

    Application close 21 August 2022
    Pre-selection 24 August 2022
    Psychometric assessment 02 - 06 September 2022
    Interview days 13 - 14 September 2022
    Final admission 19 September 2022


  • Selection process

  • Psychometric assessment information

    First of all, no worries: Psychometric assessment sounds scarier than it actually is! In short, it is a standard scientific method to measure a personality preferences and behavioural style relative to a norm group.

    Successful entrepreneurs come in many different forms and there is no single entrepreneurial 'type'. However, there are clusters of traits and motivational drivers which are more likely to lend themselves to entrepreneurial leaders who scale a sustainable and profitable business. LISEAD uses psychometric assessments as only one data point to steer overall decision making, to provide new insights and to support your learning journey throughout the program, not to make yes/no decisions about eligibility. Our provider of choice for this assessment is ECCP Labs. You can find their data privacy statement in the download section.

Additional information

Our founding partners

Blue Ribbon Partners: Entrepreneurship excellence – Partner of choice for research organizations and corporates to bring entrepreneurial visions to life, from conception to spin-off and successful company scaling.

ESMT Berlin: Executive education excellence – Germany’s #1 business school offering a unique blend of academic excellence with extensive expertise in designing and delivering customized programs.

Helmholtz Munich: Life science excellence – The second-largest health center within the Helmholtz Association with access to 2000+ scientists.

Your program advisors

Simona Schindler
Paulin Conrad

Faculty overview

Meet the multidisciplinary team of leaders and professors.

View more

                                                                        All program fees for accepted students sponsored by:

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Data protection regulation - privacy policy


Your data will be used exclusively for processing your application and for registering in the program. Please note that the LISEAD program is a joint initiative of three partners: ESMT Berlin, Blue Ribbon Partners and Helmholtz Munich. For the program, both ESMT Berlin and Blue Ribbon Partners are responsible for the processing of your personal data. If you want to exercise your data subjects’ rights, please contact ESMT. You can find more information about how we process your personal data in the downloads section below. Please also read our privacy policy here. We process your personal data also in connection with any online meetings. Recordings, if any, will be announced. We have carefully selected our service providers and concluded data protection-compliant contracts with them. You can find detailed information here.

General Terms and Conditions of Open Programs apply as relevant.