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Channel management

Channel management - Paving the way to our customers

Executive Education Online Program

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February 26th, 2020 - 16:00 CET
March 18th, 2020 - 16:00 CET

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Welcome to your ArcelorMittal online learning journey in Channel Management. The course has been built to create a common vision and update participants’ toolset for successfully managing Channels.
Channels can be defined as an organized network that performs all the activities to deliver goods and services from producers to end users in accordance with producer’s value propositions per targeted segment. It includes Middleman, Industrial distributors, Transformers but also own sales network and internet. The main objective of channel management is to have the right process to get the right goods to the right place at the right time at the highest possible margin. This course will provide you with insights from academia and practice in order to give you new ideas for your channel management practice. You will learn how channel management contributes to the implementation of value proposition in targeted segments and you will get ideas about best practices, both inside and outside of ArcelorMittal.


Key learnings of this program

  • know key approaches and tools to manage channels
  • learn from best practices in channel management
  • tackle your personal current challenges in channel management


Key topics

  • Selecting channels
    • How do I select the most effective channel? What are the best channels in line with all value propositions per targeted segments? How can I best identify and select them?
  • Building partnerships
    • How do I develop valuable partnerships with channels? How do I communicate value propositions through channels and have channel partners adhere to the supplier’s strategy? How do I ensure clear alignment and the understanding of the objectives?
  • Managing effectiveness
    • How do I measure channel effectiveness? How do I incentivize channels and use appropriate processes (criteria, tools) in order to measure performance and integration, to track cost efficiency and relevant regional coverage so that my business unit can  meet evolving segment needs?
  • Managing channel conflict
    • How do I manage channel conflict? How can a clear mapping and transparent process help to avoid conflicts between channels? How do I manage conflicts when they occur or keep reappearing?


Session structure


Session 1: Creating channel value and managing conflicts - the case of Memaksa Steel

Session 2 & 3: The fundamentals of designing channels - different types of channel design

Session 4: Beyond traditional channel design - new ways of distribution

Session 5: Channel innovation - the case of JSW Shoppe

Session 6: Sales in a digital world - E-Commerce and CRM

Session 7: The written standards and best practices at ArcelorMittal - experiences from other business units

Session 8: Action planning - creating channel value for your own business



Meet our teaching staff

Johannes Habel

Associate Professor, Warwick Business School

Frank Jacob

Professor of Marketing, ESCP Europe
Contact persons at ESMT

Hannes Gurzki

Program Director, ESMT Berlin

Irini Kehagias

Program Manager, ESMT Berlin