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Negotiation Mastery

Learn the essentials of the negotiation process

Negotiation Mastery (NEGa.40)

Dates 20. - 22. Nov 2019
Duration 3 Days
Location Berlin
3,800 €

Negotiation Mastery (NEGa.41)

Dates 27. - 29. May 2020
Duration 3 Days
Location Berlin
3,800 €

Negotiation Mastery (NEGa.42)

Dates 11. - 13. Nov 2020
Duration 3 Days
Location Berlin
3,800 €

Negotiation Mastery

Executive education program in English

Mastering the art of negotiation creates value for the organization, builds better relationships, and paves the way for long-term business and personal success. Our program Negotiation Mastery helps managers improve their conceptual understanding of the negotiation process with an intellectual framework to organize these interactions. Participants will learn how to create and claim value in negotiations, how to effectively prepare for and structure negotiations, and will develop skills to handle more challenging situations such as negotiating in teams or in an intercultural business context.


This program has been designed for accomplished professionals who frequently conduct negotiations within their firms as well as with outside parties.


Find all the program information at a glance in our PDF download.


A complementary intensive program that builds on the knowledge and style of the negotiator is The High-Impact Negotiator. A 10 % price reduction in the tuition fee is granted if participants book the basic and intensive programs together. Please talk to our admissions team or send an e-mail to


Target audience: Who should attend the program?

This program is designed for professionals with some negotiating experience who want to improve their ability to create value at the negotiating table. It is especially helpful for those engaging in multiparty deals, international negotiations, or more complex deals.


Past participants include division/department heads and vice presidents of large multinational companies who deal with complex negotiation challenges, as well as partners of professional service firms and heads of regional or country units. Senior or mid-level executives who wish to gain an additional boost in their negotiation skills will also profit from attending.


Key benefits: Profit from hands-on expertise

  • Enhance conceptual, strategic, and practical understandings of effective bargaining situations
  • Gain expertise on how to create value for all parties in integrative negotiations
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to successful negotiations across cultural boundaries
  • Refine critical negotiating skills and acquire new skills to deal with special challenges


Key topics

  • Key principles and frameworks to employ when preparing for and conducting negotiations
  • Strengths and weaknesses of various negotiation tactics and styles
  • Techniques for goal-setting and the assessment of offers; evaluation of alternatives and walk-away situations
  • Multi-party negotiations, coalition dynamics, the creation of lasting alliances, and sustainable agreements
  • Negotiation across cultures and cultural influences on effective communication and perceptions
  • Special challenges in negotiations, for example power, dirty tricks, time pressure, and difficult negotiation partners

Meet our teaching staff

The programs have been 
designed – and will be led –
by ESMT faculty members 
and ESMT visiting faculty. 
They will also guide and 
advise you throughout 
your studies.


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Christoph Graupner-Dietrich

Manager Business Development

ESMT means learning differently: from others, from experience, interactively in group exercises. Mastering Negotiations met all my expectations, with a professional preparation by the ESMT team and a group of qualified participants.

Marty-Joern Klein, Director Institutional Clients, Allianz Global Investors KAG
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