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Leadership and Social Responsibility

Leadership, change, resilience, coaching tools, women's leadership and ethics

Executive Education

Rankings 2020

ESMT Berlin is ranked #1 in Germany and #10 globally.

Become a more effective leader


Become a more effective leader by motivating your people and teams, overcoming possible challenges, leading change successfully and establishing an open and democratic culture for dealing with errors.

Based on our belief that real leadership begins with feedback and self-discovery, ESMT Berlin offers a range of Executive Development Leadership and Social Responsibility programs in German and English language.


Leading with Psychological Intelligence

Leading with Psychological Intelligence

Leadership efficacy through better connections
Leading People and Teams

Leading People and Teams

For executives with experience in leadership
shot of a group of businesspeople standing in the office Leadership Bootcamp program

Leadership Bootcamp

Boost your leadership skills online
Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action

Unconventional. Experiential. Practicable.
Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders Program

Find your leadership style and lead effectively
blue-toned chess queen stands in front of a row of pawns on a soft focus - Women's Leadership Excellence

Women’s Leadership Excellence

Maximize your impact as a female leader
Man and women wearing VR glasses Leading Digital Transformation program

Leading Digital Transformation

Leading people and teams in a digitized environment
Leadership under Pressure

Leadership under Pressure

How to deal with complex leadership situations
Young Physician Leaders

Young Physician Leaders

Effective healthcare institutions need effective leaders
3D rendered illustration of Newtons cradle - balancing balls - Understanding and Leading Change

The Change Clinic

Leading change initiatives
train tracks

Change Management Seminar

Erfolgreich führen und verändern
Leader as a Coach

Leader as a Coach

Coaching as being part of the leadership role
Die Führungskraft als Coach

Die Führungskraft als Coach

Coaching als Führungsaufgabe
Führung für jüngere Führungskräfte

Führung für jüngere Führungskräfte

Auf der Erfolgsspur vom Mitarbeiter zur Führungskraft
Führung von Mitarbeitern und Teams

Führung von Mitarbeitern und Teams

Überdurchschnittliches mit dem Team leisten
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Postgraduate Diploma in Management

The ESMT Postgraduate Diploma in Management is a university level certificate that represents a formal recognition of your professional development. Create your personalized learning path by assembling programs from four different thematic clusters.

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GNAM Certificate of Excellence in Global Business

Navigate the business world with the only global business certificate that gives you access to 20 elite business schools around the world.

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ESMT Women's Scholarships

ESMT Berlin is offering several executive education scholarships to promote women in leadership positions.

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