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Inclusive Leadership

Leveraging diversity and inclusiveness to create new opportunities

Inclusive Leadership


There is ample evidence to suggest that inclusion adds value to organizations and can spur innovation. Yet, in practice, diverse teams only work if leaders understand how to manage them through inclusive leadership. This program helps leaders to reflect on inclusiveness and understand the principles behind it as well as equip them with the skills and tools to manage diverse teams toward inclusion.


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Target audience: Who should attend the program?

Leaders in mid- to senior-level leadership roles who have managerial responsibilities or are leading large projects. The program is ideal for companies in industries challenged by disruption, talent shortages, and non-inclusive workforces, all of which hinder innovation.


Key benefits: Profit from hands-on expertise

Participants will learn about and develop inclusive leadership practices. Through a mix of lectures, reflection, and experiential learning, participants will gain an increased awareness about topics and potential issues related to diversity and inclusiveness. Participants will leave with an understanding of the biases and obstacles to inclusion and learn what they as leaders can do to create diverse environments.


 Key topics

  • How to make the mix work: unlocking value through inclusive leadership
  • The science of inclusiveness: why should you care about inclusiveness
  • Inclusive leadership practices: what works in practice and what does not
  • Your experiences with diversity and inclusiveness
  • Making inclusiveness work for you

Meet our teaching staff

The programs have been 
designed – and will be led –
by ESMT faculty members 
and ESMT visiting faculty. 
They will also guide and 
advise you throughout 
your studies.

Gianluca Carnabuci

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Ingrid and Manfred Gentz Chair in Business and Society and Associate Dean of Executive Education

Elisabeth Kelan

Professor of Leadership and Organization

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Program Director

Hannes Gurzki


Verena Ackels
Manager Business Development, ESMT Berlin

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