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Women's Leadership Excellence

Executive education program in English

Women`s Leadership Excellence (WLE.4)

Dates 8. - 10. Dec 2021
Duration 3 Days
Location Berlin
3,800 €

Maximize your impact as female leader

Despite the evidence that businesses improve their performance with more women in leadership positions, many companies are not taking advantage of the positive effects of having more women in decision-making roles. Women’s Leadership Excellence provides a practical agenda for realizing the advantages of diverse leadership teams and supporting business women to maximize their impact.

The program will equip you with the competence and skills to create, explore, and feel comfortable using the value that your gender brings to leadership. In a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, you will learn how to overcome bias, strengthen your leadership talent, evaluate your career options, and acquaint yourself with networks supporting women in business. You will challenge pre-held notions of fairness and learn how to emphasize both your self-development and that of others.


Find all the program information at a glance in our PDF download.


Who should attend the program?

Female executives with responsibility for a team(s) or large projects. It is of special interest to companies in industries challenged by talent shortages where women are underrepresented.


Key benefits

  • Learning how gender diversity is key to sustainable organizational success
  • Working on your own authentic female leadership excellence
  • Understanding policies and practices that attract more women into senior positions
  • Challenging stereotypes and bias
  • Recognizing what will support/hinder your individual career progress


Key topics

  • Debunking leadership myths
  • Promoting yourself and others
  • Maximizing your impact
  • Remaining authentic to your inner leadership style
  • The relative importance of mentors, coaches, and networks for leading women
  • Creating presence and charisma
  • Communicating with clarity and flair

Women`s Leadership Excellence (WLE.4)

Dates 8. - 10. Dec 2021
Duration 3 Days
Location Berlin
3,800 €
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Group picture ESMT Women's Leadership Excellence Program 2020
Quote of the WLE participant
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Program Director Nora Grasselli provides an overview of the program.


Lucy Han, participant of the Women's Leadership Excellence 2020, shares an insight into her experience.


"Many businesses try to improve outcomes by thinking about diversity. In order for that diversity to work, it must be focused and cognitive. You have to identify, accept and then bring in skill sets that you or your team currently lack."


Aleksandra Sienkiewicz

Global Application Development Manager, Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH
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Meet our teaching staff

The programs have been 
designed – and will be led –
by ESMT faculty members 
and ESMT visiting faculty. 
They will also guide and 
advise you throughout 
your studies.

Didi Hopkins

Actor, Director, Voice-over Artist & Lecturer

Listen to the podcast featuring Didi Hopkins, lecturer in the Women's Leadership Excellence program

Your Program Advisor


​​​​​​​Beatrix Becker
Manager Business Development, ESMT Berlin

Phone: +49 30 21231 6205

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