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Design Thinking and Organizational Implementation. In cooperation with HPI Academy.

Design Thinking and Organizational Implementation on March 30 - April 1, 2020

Design Thinking and Organizational Implementation. In cooperation with HPI Academy.


The business world of the 21st century is experiencing a dramatic shift. Reinforced by digitalization and a globalized competitive environment, companies have become aware of the necessity to better understand their customers and build lasting ties with them.

Markets are moving from the “technology push” to the “market pull”. Even the most traditional companies in the manufacturing industry have established innovation hubs to explore new business models and create customer journeys. With fewer barriers to entry, a new generation of entrepreneurs successfully disrupts the ecosystems of many industries by reacting more flexibly to their clients’ expectations. Design Thinking is one of the world‘s most popular methods of establishing a dynamic, customer-focused and goal-oriented innovation culture within the organization – for start-ups, SMEs and large corporations alike. With the methods of the Design Thinking approach, ideas can be improved within the entire corporate value chain, from internal process optimization and digitalization to customer contact in both the B2B and B2C areas.

However, even the most promising innovations often fail due to internal organizational resistance. Successful implementation requires a strategy that takes organizational complexity and power relations into account, a careful analysis of key stakeholders and their interests, as well as communication skills.

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Upcoming cycles:

30. March - 1. April 2020
14. - 16. Oct 2020


This workshop addresses these two challenges: innovation and its implementation within the organization. For the first time, HPI Academy and ESMT Berlin, two leading players in Germany’s executive education market, have united to combine their expertise in this hands-on workshop. While HPI Academy provides the high-level Design Thinking input for this three-day program, ESMT Berlin contributes its expertise in implementation and organizational change.


The workshop starts at the HPI Academy in Potsdam-Griebnitzsee, where participants get acquainted with the mindset of customer-centricity and methods of Design Thinking. Hands-on user research is undertaken, and participants practically apply Design Thinking techniques on internal and external challenges.


Day 2 of the workshop takes place at the ESMT Berlin Campus and focuses on sense-making and testing, including interaction with potential users and a joint networking event in the evening.

Day 3 is dedicated to strategies on how the implementation of new practices can be fostered and improved, and how an internal change process can be successfully initiated. A particular emphasis is placed on internal networking and appropriate communication strategies.




The workshop is based on an experiential, hands-on approach. Here, group work, real-life interviews, prototyping, and testing are core ingredients of the individual and collective learning process. In addition, the highly interactive design allows for intense networking and sharing of experiences in a setting of like-minded people facing similar challenges.


Target audience: Who should attend the program?

Managers and executives eager to learn and implement new processes and tools of customer-centricity, both within their organizations as well as when they are in contact with their external customers and users of their products and services.


Key benefits: Profit from hands-on expertise

Participants will learn the principles of Design Thinking and familiarize themselves with the major steps of this process: understanding the needs of internal and external customers and gaining empathy for them, conducting interviews, implementing creativity methods, as well as prototyping and testing.

Participants will enhance their ability to trigger changes in the managerial practices of their firms. They will also receive practical advice on how to establish networks of like-minded people and refine their communication skills to convince their peers across hierarchies.

Complemented by a keynote from an external guest speaker, the program also expands the horizon of participants offering up-to-date insights within the field of innovation and customer-centricity.



Topics include

  • The changing landscape of innovation
  • Applying Design Thinking methods in an internal or external challenge
  • Conducting interviews with customers and stakeholders
  • Communication techniques and tools for implementing organizational change
  • Up-to-date insights on how to build coalitions of like-minded peers in the organizational context
  • Gaining insights from users of products and services

Meet our teaching staff

The programs have been 
designed – and will be led –
by ESMT faculty members 
and ESMT visiting faculty. 
They will also guide and 
advise you throughout 
your studies.

Flavia Bleuel

Lead Coach at HPI Academy

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Christoph Graupner-Dietrich

Manager Business Development

HPI Academy


A joint hands-on workshop led by ESMT Berlin and HPI Academy.

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