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MIM scholarships


ESMT offers partial tuition scholarships for accepted Master in Management students who show academic merit and leadership potential. Scholarships are allocated based on academic excellence, personal…

Snake oil and cat pics – the (sad) state of business cybersecurity


What does the business cybersecurity landscape look like today? Were you to believe Hollywood, you would imagine a pimply-faced teen hacker working from a dark basement for a stylish but likeable…

ESMT Full-Time MBA Class Profile


ESMT gathers the most diverse and talented MBA class in Germany. Every year, ESMT accepts around 55-65 students from across the globe who share the School’s passion for responsible leadership. Our…

Degree Rankings


ESMT is one of only two business schools in Germany to appear in every international ranking among the top business school rankings, reflecting impressive career placement of graduates and high…

Center for Decisions, Models, and Data

Faculty & Research

Models enable us to comprehend the world, infer beyond the data, and ultimately make better decisions.

ESMT podcast


Campus 10178 – Where education meets business.

Contact a student


Our student ambassadors are here to help you understand what it means to study at ESMT Berlin and to be part of the MIM or MBA experience. There is no better way to understand the benefit of…